I write songs, I write instrumentals, I write whatever suits my mood and quite honestly, I write whatever comes from my heart.

Between 1987 and 2001 I operated under the band name Instant Emotion. There was never an actual band, but there was always at least one other person working with me. During that period, I released seven albums, which were self-recorded and produced. The releases were in small batches and mostly shared with friends and family. The final Instant Emotion album, Impressions (2001), was an ambitious project. It was a linear concept album with a story that took place over two days. Impressions was well-received and many were captivated by the storyline. Many even said the album was “operatic.”

After Impressions, I took time off to decide what to do next. I decided to drop the Instant Emotion name and operate under my own name. I also decided that I would try to involve more musicians in the recording process. During this hiatus, I worked on my side projects, including a series of ambient music albums, and I even tried my hand at film scoring.

The first album released under my name was Eclipse in 2006. This album is a spiritual journey. It is a story of seeking spiritual identity in a world that constantly tries to define one’s beliefs. I try to present this story with brutal honesty and emotion. It is a self-contained journey for the listener—one that is significant and unique for each individual. The album took nearly two years to produce, but I felt it was worth the effort. You can listen to all the tracks and read the lyrics under the Albums section of this site.

Several songs that did not make it onto Eclipse became the foundation for Shelter. Shelter is a story about seeking love in a world that no longer believes in love. I will admit that it is a personal reflection on my own experiences, but I have discovered that others have often felt this way. Shelter became a much more orchestral album than I had planned and became a two-year labor of love. Shelter was released in May 2010 with a live show in Fullerton, CA. A live show required a band, and I was blessed with some of the best musicians anyone could ask for.

After the show, the band asked what was next. I had not planned on writing another album, but with this bunch of talented people willing to work with me, how could I resist…