Grand Designs


The problem with thinking big and scheming big is that at some point, should any part of the big plan falter, the entire structure collapses. I imagine that this might be a reason why so many musicians work alone, managing every aspect of their art with careful control and privacy. After all, when you are the sole variable in any project the outcome is rather predictable.

I have tried the solo projects on more than one occasion. The first time was because I was tired of trying to find musicians to play the music. The other times were experiments or my way of saying that it can be done. Giving the range of technology and samples available to us these days, you can almost get away with doing everything yourself. One could argue that the degree of success also depends on the genre of music you create.

In my experience, doing everything myself is a lot of work and not entirely satisfying. I am not a drummer or bass player, so even my best attempts will never match what a skilled musician can do. I also miss the spontaneity and energy of collaborating with others. The act of giving up a little creative control and let someone else run with your ideas will always lead to unexpected results. Sometimes those unexpected events are welcome, other times they are not. The more you work with someone, the better the outcome. To this day, I have not been disappointed when I allowed someone I trust take my idea and see where it goes for them.

There are times when I do wonder if I am going too far. Have I added so many variables into my creations that their completion and success is compromised?

The venue for the album release concert suffered a rather large disaster last week that has left the lights nonoperational and for the moment, an unsafe environment. Time was already limited in the venue and now it is difficult to say when a new concert date will be available. One could argue that I perform the album at a different venue, but I already have a relationship with the personnel and we all share the same vision for the event. Venues are easy to find; people who share your vision are not.

So for the moment, Entropy remains on hold. In the coming days, I will explore options with the various members and determine the best course of action.

I do want to make the event special and memorable for all who attend.

If this means that I need to wait a little longer for things to work out, then I will.

Stay tuned…