I look out my window
To see you walk on by
So sad you don't notice me
It makes me want to cry
I never felt the need
To have anyone in my heart
But my resistance is low
So please come tear me apart

Your smile captivates me
How I long to hear your voice
And if you were to call my name
I really wouldn't have a choice

I can't stop myself
I think of you everyday
I'm waiting for the moment
When I have the strength to say

Make me bleed
Make me be the one that you need
You can wound me
You can do anything you want with me
Make me bleed
Make me get down on my knees and plead
I'll be there for you
I'll do anything you want me to

'Cause I've got to have you
I can't picture a life without you
And I want you to know
That I never want to see you go

Life would be so fine
If I could have you near
It would feel so intimate
When you whisper in my ear
Together we could lie
Beside the ocean blue
With you holding me
And me holding you

I can't help but dream of you
Your image dances in my head
How I wish I could touch you
Especially when I lie in bed

You don't have to read my mind
Just look into my eyes
You'll know what I'm thinking
It shouldn't be a surprise