It's funny how people live
Take so much but never give
I find myself in the same boat
And I don't even vote

I find it hard to make you see
Just how much you mean to me
I want to show that I am true
Lord knows how much I need you

I look out the window
Try to see how far I must go
I know it won't be a pleasant ride
But I'm reaching for the inside

Now I'm not asking for much
Just a word not even a touch
I only want to share my life
I'm not saying be my wife

So just show me a little more
I'm not very easy to bore
And don't say that I am lazy
I'm not the only one who’s crazy

Give me your love, give me your sympathy
I need to know, that you're the one for me
Give me your time, give me attention
Help me relieve all this tension
Give me your love

Yes, I'm going to get through
I'm gonna show you
There's nowhere you can hide
I'm gonna get inside