The city lights burn
We're surrounded by shadows
Though we stand in silence
We want what the other knows
We've tried so hard
To tie up our desires
So come over here
Come cut my wires

Step by step
We move a little closer
Flesh touches flesh
As we begin to move together
It doesn't take much
To sense the feeling mutual
So forgo all formalities
And begin the ritual

Now I'm not talking about seduction
Or anything like attraction
We're far beyond that
And closer to this
'Cause I'm not talking about

Give me time to adjust
The moment is quite robust
Let me wipe off the rust
Clean up all my dust
The situation might combust
It's hardly unjust
Lend me your trust
It's much more than lust

Time moves slowly
But not our hearts
The tension builds
As we're falling apart
But I'm not here
To pass the time
I'm showing you
That I want you to be mine