Life is fine behind a wooden fence
No need, no cause for self defense
I mask my laughter, hide my tears
Let no one know my fears

But sometimes I start to wonder
If I'm real or just going under

There's no need to be provocative
Call me shy, call me sensitive
Evasion is my only reaction
To misunderstood attraction

And I am weak, I will admit
And I am selfish in every way
My own anxieties, they keep me alive
And instead of fighting, I turn away

But I can't go on like this
Dancing on a tightrope
And I can't live for tomorrow
Not without a sign of hope
'Cause I've got one life to live
And I'm running out of free time
So I will gather my life
And learn to make it all mine

So go ahead and try to wound me
Or go ahead and try to please me
Either way you cannot touch
Am I really losing so much

But my patience has a limit
I don't know if I can wait any longer
Stay or go, either choice may hurt
But do I really need to think it over