It seems that circumstance
Has taken the upper hand
You're surrounded by chaos
Unable to understand

You lie awake
Afraid of the night
You look for someone
To show you the light
Look around

Your present reality
Fails to make sense
You've nowhere to hide
To weak for defense

You try to blame the world
For you current situation
You look for someone
To offer consideration
Look around

'Cause all you life
There was always someone near
Someone to help you
Deal with the fear
And now you stand alone
And you don't know where to start
Just look at yourself
Just look at your heart
It's you
It's all you
If you just
Look around

It's almost funny
How it all comes to this
You never thought
That you would ever miss

The words of comfort
The arms of security
The eyes of hope
To help you see
Look around